Banks are often reluctant to give consumer credit to people on the job. However, finding a loan is not impossible in this case! The advice to obtain a loan with an interim contract.

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Interim, a risk profile for banks


Buying a car, household appliances, a journey, a project … It’s not always easy to subscribe to a consumer credit when you’re acting. Indeed, this status can scare banks and lenders for several reasons. Like temporary contracts, temporary contracts are temporary employment contracts. They correspond to definite periods, limited in time. Unlike a permanent contract, these contracts do not ensure a stable employment situation, which allows for regular fixed incomes and the repayment of a loan.

In the eyes of banks, temporary workers are therefore considered as “at risk” profiles, whose solvency cannot be guaranteed. Hence, some reluctance on the part of these establishments to grant consumer credit to temporary workers.

To subscribe to a consumer credit is more difficult when you are in temporary employment than permanent, but not impossible for all that!

Get credit, it’s possible

Temporary status does not preclude the purchase of a personal loan. Getting the loan is often harder, but not impossible. Therefore, under what conditions can one obtain credit when acting?

In acting assignment, a bank will grant you a loan more easily if:

  • You have at least 18 months of acting experience, which is a sign of professional stability for banks;
  • You have known very little time without activity between your missions;
  • You have carried out temporary assignments either within the same company or within the same economic sector, always for reasons of stability;
  • You work in a dynamic sector all the year, regardless of the seasons;
  • You have an acting assignment at the time of applying for your loan.

Each bank or organization has its own conditions of grant. However, very often, if you have been working for more than two years continuously, the banks are in favor.

Credit: your profile also plays

Credit: your profile also plays

If you are acting and want to take out a loan, your missions and your income will be determining factors in the study of your file. However, other settings related to your profile may also work in your favor.

Banks and banking institutions prefer profiles that have not experienced any banking incidents in the past months, have savings capacity on their wages, accumulated a maximum of hours of work over the last 12 months and which meet the usual conditions when applying.

Credit: often higher rates

Credit: often higher rates

It is better to know that if you get a loan and are acting, your credit rate (APR) will certainly be higher than the average. Most banks and lending agencies apply higher loan rates to offset the risk of acting as an interim and defaulting lender.

How to subscribe a credit?

To take out credit when you are in temporary employment, several solutions are available to you. You can find your Rosamond Vincyment solution by:

  • Using a consumer credit comparison online, such as Rosamond, to find an offer tailored to your profile and the best rate;
  • Contacting an institution specialized in profiles like yours;
  • Using FASTT , the Temporary Labor Social Action Fund.

Credit: What is FASTT?

The FASTT, or Social Action Fund for Temporary Work, is a non-profit organization, which helps temporary workers to obtain a credit, some projects or benefit from aid (housing aid, complementary health, accession to the property…). FASTT is funded by temporary agencies.