Loans up to 15,000 euros are medium-sized loans, which are rather in demand, which many banks and financial companies disburse without particular difficulty and are rather short times.

These are personal loans, therefore they should not be motivated when they are requested, because they do not finance the purchase of goods and services.

Generally speaking, it is a question of the liquidity required by those who have to face expenses that are starting to be demanding to be faced with the only savings and such that they cannot be paid with ordinary revenues.

Think of a wedding, a renovation of a building, etc.

On average, the reimbursement could be around five years, since the figure would not be so high as to present difficulties in returning it. The installments are generally monthly and provide for the payment of an interest, as well as the other costs that affect any type of financing (preliminary fees, practice opening, sending installments, etc.).

However, unlike a small loan, already on a loan of around 15,000 euros, the other costs start to be spread over a higher amount and, therefore, the APR starts to be no longer so distant from the TAN, as happens for the loans of a few thousand euros.

Obviously, we are referring to the generic category of personal loans

personal loans

Because there are different concrete solutions, such as the assignment of the fifth, the loan delegation, etc.

To obtain a loan of up to 15,000 euros, you must have an income from work, self-employed or employed or receive a pension.
Therefore, it is essential to show the pay slip, if you are a permanent employee, the single model for freelancers and self-employed workers and the pension slip, for pensioners.

It cannot be ruled out that additional guarantees may be required, such as assets (mortgage on real estate) and / or signature (guarantee). But this would happen if the income was considered an insufficient requirement, in relation to the requested sum.
Also this type of financing can be found online and be included in the category of online loans, as well as fast loans or even small loans, even if the amount starts to be not so low.