Everyday life is always full of unexpected events and sudden expenses can lead to the need to ask for a small loan. However, those who take care of running the house often do not have a permanent job and a paycheck and, in many cases, they are women who look after the home and take care of household chores: in these cases, like do loans to housewives work ? Do we need special guarantees? What amounts can be financed? In this article we will try to provide answers to all your questions.

To obtain loans to housewives it is often necessary to provide special guarantees , which reassure the bank about the ability to repay the loan. Whenever a person requests a sum on loan from a bank or other financial company, he will always be asked to present a guarantee: this is used by the bank to be able to disburse the financing knowing that it can claim back in some way in the event of insolvency of the customer. For workers without income, such as housewives, this aspect becomes even more important.

Usually the most requested guarantee is that of a pay slip


For this reason it is believed that employees with permanent contracts are the category that can more easily access the provision of a loan: they can in fact present a pay slip that certifies regular income and therefore their ability to repay the debt . Temporary workers and self-employed workers already find some difficulties. People who do not have regular contracts or who do not have a pay slip, like housewives, find themselves in a very complex situation, because they cannot prove a stable income.

The loans to housewives thus fully fall within the “loans without payroll”, ie that particular form of loan that does not include the presentation of a pay slip as a guarantee. Many lenders, even online, today provide this kind of banking service. However, it must be emphasized right from the start that for housewives it is very difficult to obtain loans that exceed a figure of around 2,000 – 3,000 euros .

So what are the most reliable guarantees for a housewife? We can indicate at least two

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First, it is always possible to request a third party to guarantee the loan. This means that the guarantor’s signature will reassure the bank, which could more easily pay the requested sum. Also in this case, the form of the guarantor’s employment contract is very important: a person with a permanent contract will be much more reliable for the bank.

Another possibility to get loans to housewives opens up for people who are homeowners. In this case, especially if the loan is aimed at the maintenance or renovation costs of the same building, it is possible to place a mortgage on the home and thus facilitate the loan. It will be precisely the building on which you intend to work to constitute the guarantee.